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POF Account Recovery

Plenty Of Fish or POF is one of the leading online dating services in US.  The website has millions of registered users. Plenty of Fish uses a basic algorithm and matches the people having similar interests.

POF basically originated in Canada. Plenty of Fish has its headquarters at Vancouver. It has millions of active users from all over the world. POF is widely used in many countries including Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, United States of America, etc. POF is a completely free website. POF has no registration of signing up charges.

It although has a Premium service that gives some additional benefits to the users. POF has a 24/7 active customer support team. The POF customer service number is completely free of cost. Users can contact the POF customer support team for any query that they have and get the resolutions instantly.


POF account recovery

Did you accidentally delete your POF account? If you feel that your Plenty of Fish account got deleted itself for no reason without your knowledge or you yourself deleted your POF account for some reason but now you changed your mind and want it back? Whatsoever the reason may have been, POF customer support can help you get you back the lost access to your POF account.

All you need to do is call the Plenty of Fish Customer Support team and learn to recover your deleted Plenty of Fish account. There is also the option of creating a brand new POF account and starting fresh. But if you want your old POF account back and are not interested in creating a new account, there are various simple methods that you can try to recover your old POF account on your own. POF customer support team is available 24/7 at your service to help its valuable users! Call at the POF customer support toll-free number in case you need any such assistance.


POF account recovery

Technically, there is no way to recover your deleted POF account. You must have violated any rules or guidelines laid down by the site that your account got deleted. If you feel you have done nothing this way, then contact the POF Customer Service for help.

POF has some basic rules that all its users have to follow. If any user does not obey them or violates them then, the website will immediately delete that POF account. POF is not tolerant when it comes to their rules, regulations and policies. If you want to recover your deleted POF and get back access to your old POF account, you need to follow the steps given below to get the help you need.

  • To begin with, clear all the cookies from your web browser. Clearing cookies will enable better surfing for the recovery process. For that, go to your web browser settings and from that option, remove all the cookies.
  • To make a new POF account, you will require a new IP address. POF does not allow the users to immediately create a new account or try to recover their old POF account while using the same IP address. If you are not able to get a new IP address to create a new POF account, it is suggested that you wait for a few days. If you are using some commonly used internet connection like Xfinity or any other similar one, then, you can try to create and sign up to a new POF account.
  • POF does not allow multiple accounts with their service. That means that no user can use the same account details, email id and phone number for a new POF account

Contact the customer support team in case you want help on POF account recovery

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