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OkCupid delete account -How to delete Okcupid Account

OkCupid delete account

If you are searching for the method for – OkCupid delete the account, then it does not matter what is the reason behind it. It can be anything like you found the partner that you are searching for or want to change the platform. In this article, you will be getting the simple ways through which you will be able to delete OkCupid account.

Method for OkCupid delete the account

You will need the following steps to delete OkCupid account. Here are those which you need to follow:

  • First, you have to visit the website and log in your account.
  • If you are logged in then you have to click on the profile picture which is on the top right corner of the page.
  • In that, a drop-down menu will come and there you will be getting the option of settings, click on that.
  • Now you have to select the tab of my account which will be on the left side of the screen.
  • After this, you have to scroll down and click on “Go here”. It is a link which will take you to the page where you can delete your account.
  • At the bottom, you will find a red button on which “Delete Account” will be written.
  • In the confirm box you will be asked for the password click on that. In this, you can also give the reason for leaving the platform.
  • Now the only step that is remaining is clicking on the Delete button. Once you do that you will be able to delete your account permanently along with the data that is stored in it.

OkCupid disable account

When you delete your account then you will be deleting your account permanently. So when you are facing the conundrum like this the best option is to disable the account. As once you do that you will be able to get the access to your account if you decide to activate it again.

For that the procedure is quite similar, there is only one thing that is needed to be done. While doing that you have selected the option of Disable account instead of deleting it. After this, you will be following the same steps that are mentioned above and instead of deleting it you will be disabling your account for some time.

This will allow you to access your account in the future if the need comes. At that time all you will need is to reactivate the account and will be able to continue with your profile.

What to do if you face a problem?

When you are going through the procedure of – OkCupid delete the account, it is expected that everything will go according to the plan. But while deleting it if you are facing some problem then the best option is to contact the Okcupid customer service. As they will be able to help you out with the problem you are facing. The reason behind it is that they have the experience and the tools which can resolve the issues you are having with the process.

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